Posted by: Ingrid | November 3, 2014

12 Months: Little Princess

Dear Liliana,


I began writing this on day three of teething viciously (A week later and no teeth yet and here we are.  Gah!).  You have all of four teeth right now and you seem to be trying to get every single other tooth simultaneously.  You are all over drool, chewing on your fingers, making sad pathetic baby-in-pain sounds, and running a fever.  Not to mention the fact that you leave a slimy trail all over the floor as you scoot, like a giant slug.  All that to say that I am tired.  And tired of being a human pacifier.

So, one year.  Yay.  But at the same time, ONE YEAR.  Last year you were this:


and then suddenly, here you are:


After looking back on Jonathan’s one year update I feel like you are so far behind.  Which is weird, because I guess I figured babies hit milestones faster the more siblings they had because they would want to keep up.  Held true for Jonathan but not for you.  Though you certainly love being with your siblings.


So at a year:

You have the parts of your top and bottom two teeth.


This makes it difficult to eat real food or anything requiring chewing.

But you do actually eat baby food, including the stuff that smells like dog food.  You particularly like sweet potatoes.  You are developing a knack for spitting and blowing raspberries at the exact moment food enters your mouth.


You are not crawling or walking nor will you push yourself to sitting.

All you do is scoot on your bottom, but boy are you fast!  Though you did get caught on a floor nail the other day and ripped your pants.  I couldn’t figure out why you looked like you were trying to move but weren’t.  I would love to invent some sort of Swiffer diaper cover so that your scooting could cross a chore off my list as well.


You really like playing with beach balls and bouncing balls.  And you like to chase them as well.  Too cute.

I am afraid that you are going to grow up hating the color pink.  Because I finally have a girl I find that I want you to wear pink and sparkles.  But because I am frugal and buy large totes of clothing off of Craig’s List you are really just going to wear whatever you get stuck with.  Which is mostly pink.

You look very much like Jonathan.  You look even more like your daddy.  In fact, you look more like your daddy than even he did as a baby!


You will wave sometimes.

You babble often.  Usually “Dada” is accompanied by sweet smiles and MAMAMAMAMAMA!!! gets pulled out when you are A) upset, B) in pain, C) stuck, D) feel like upping the drama.  I am pretty sure you say “hi”.  And ball.

You are really into pushing and pulling things.  Back and forth and back and forth.  Extra fun if they make horrible scraping or squeaking noises.

You are ticklish and giggly and often cuddly.  You are extra cuddly and seem to have difficulty holding up your (large) head when you are tired.


You will scoot double time if it gets you closer to the trash, falling out of the door into the garage, or into the shower.

Speaking of which, the only way to bathe you is to set you under the shower.  You no longer scream and if you can squeeze a plastic bottle while sitting under the water you are content.

Apparently, you find crushing plastic bottles soothing.  Who knew?

You gravitate towards unsafe environments like this one.


You like to be held and you like to be held by me.  You are really into stranger anxiety these days, particularly when we are around other women and girls – the people who generally work nurseries and such.  But you love Grandpa.  No question about that!


You like to stuff everything in your mouth except for food, which you prefer to fling off your tray.

You received your first little girl toy from Grandpa and Auntie Kora.  It says important things like: “Are you hungry?  Would you like some cheesecake?”  Can I just say how funny it is when you pretend to eat the fake food and then fling it across the room?


You are still a horrible sleeper.  Up until the teething began I’d slept 7-8 hours in a row for 9 nights straight.  Not because your sleep had improved but because there was a night I was up for 2 hours straight and then a night when I was up for 3 hours that involved much crying (on my part) and the desire to drop you, just drop you, in your pack n play.  I do not do well on little sleep or lots of interrupted sleep and that is an understatement.  The next 9 nights I took a sleep aid, put in ear plugs, and closed my door and sleep all night.  From second hand reports, you did not, but I didn’t really care.  I am hoping that at some point when we get you in a crib (may that day come soon) you will sleep better because of the extra space and padding.  Until then, let’s hear it for sleep drugs and ear plugs.


When someone looks at you and says your name, it’s like you get this adrenalin rush from getting noticed.  You get such a sweet look on your face and often put your hands on your hips or behind your back: Who?  Me???  I can’t even explain it but it is one of those mannerisms that are so precious that we look at each other and simultaneously think: Should we have another if they’re this darling? and This is a really good way to end. 

One thing I can say definitively is that I LOVE having a little girl and I am so glad that you are my daughter.






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