Posted by: Ingrid | December 30, 2014

Suddenly it’s December 30th

Sometimes I marvel at how days that sometimes feel so long can collectively fly by so quickly.  I think I am still somewhat in shock that just a little more than five months ago we were in Michigan.  In the past five months we moved to a new state, Husband started a new job, I ran a marathon, we bought a house, packed all the boxes, moved again, got the flu a week later (for 9 days once it completely ran its course), and then two days later it was Christmas.  There has been so. much. change.  I am a little afraid that moving into our own house will feel like a freight train coming to a sudden stop; all the cars in the back slamming into the engine.

Then again, it seems like that has been something of the pattern of our lives for the past six years, so maybe the crash never comes?

Topics and questions that have not been blogged about during the past five months include:

-Is it worth it to keep blogging?

-What no one ever told you about buying a house

-The internet lied and we get way more snow and wind here than I was promised.  I want a refund.

-Why a 2 year nursing degree is going to take me as long as a double PhD

-The craziness of budgeting on one income in expensive (!?!) rural Colorado

-Running plans and goals

-Why you should never EVER move in December

-How much change can you handle before going insane?

-How do you make it through the throes of early parenthood without losing yourself completely?

-Moving to new places with young children and no family around is depressing and lonely

-The Boston marathon is 16 weeks from yesterday!

As an aside, I am resolved to not complain about the hot weather when it hits this summer.  To be able to throw on shorts and a shirt and hit the clear roads would be a dream come true right now.  At least we are over the longest-day-of-the-year hump, right?  It all gets warmer and lighter from here. 🙂

I can’t believe that 2015 is right around the corner.  I still have fond memories of my mom stockpiling macaroni and cheese in case Y2K hit and that was fifteen years ago!





  1. Yep, I don’t know how you did it – but I’m sure you burned through your adrenals on more than a number of occasions so take care of them this next year…and learn to sit and breathe now most of the moving has stopped (apart from that involving running around after 3 kids!) best wishes for 2015!

  2. That eastern Colorado wind is hard–and my guess is it’s a hard community to break into socially–it probably takes time. I hope you’ll have some chances to get into the lovely mountains and relax–a great place for kids to run and be wild. I can’t believe it’s expensive to live there–yikes! I am glad you have running, and as the dust settles after so much change, I am sure you will too. Moving is tough, isn’t it! They say it’s one of the stress making events. Sending you lots of joy for the new year!

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