Posted by: Ingrid | January 4, 2015

2014: Resolution Recap

I happily made many resolutions last year according to the philosophy that it’s better to have too long a list and not accomplish anything than to have no list at all.  Ah, list making, it never ceases to be on the short list of favorite and (as the mother of three) necessary things.

I didn’t really keep my resolutions in front of me, mostly because there was that 2 month old baby that wasn’t sleeping.  And then packing to move.  And then keeping half our stuff in boxes.  And then moving again.  I just pulled up January of last year to see if anything really got accomplished.

The good:

1.  Travel. I definitely travelled to new places with our road trip to Tennessee in the spring and then the move to Colorado with the marathon in Estes Park.  Check!

3.  Remember birthdays and send cards.  I loved this one.  I didn’t remember everyone but I love real correspondence that involves a stamp and not a “send” button.  Keeping this was quite fulfilling!

4.  Concerts. I attended several concerts over the course of the year though not as many as I would have liked.

5.  Read more books on our shelves.  Did pretty well at this, particularly after our move when I started binge-reading all of my Lois McMaster Bujold books again.

7.  Learning a new skill… well, I officially had to take two cake requests (since both boys had opinions) this year and I had so much fun.  Jonathan’s blue tiger request puts this in the “new skill” category for sure!  If these requests keep up I really need to take a basic cake decorating class!


9.  Running and exercise was a broad heading.  While I didn’t do everything in this category, I did do a marathon and ran a PR in the marathon, both big things.  Still no pull ups completed but I’ll take what I can get!

11.  More family fun.  I think we have done better on this one but it doesn’t come easy to me.  Fun with kids is often tied to mess and spontenaity, neither of which I am hugely a fan of.  Maybe I am just learning to let it go a little better.  One thing I am having to accept is that, sometimes, it is just better for my husband and I to tag team with the kids instead of being all together.  In this case, personal survival trumps family fun.

12.  Researching school options for both myself and Isaac for fall of 2014.  I had all my ducks in a row by mid-May.  Isaac was going to do the fantastic young fives program around the block from our house.  I was going to do the nursing program in Michigan full time.  I had completed my pre-reqs, interviewed, taken the HESI (entrance exam), gotten a $5000 scholarship, and qualified for childcare because we were so low income.  So check that one off the list!

Except then we moved.  So now Isaac is doing preschool (again) and I have before me several thousand dollars to spend on an additional three more pre-req classes and a different entrance exam, pushing my potential start to nursing school to Fall of 2016.  Maybe.  This is all making me feel like Sisyphus.

Bonus Resolution: I found a baby book for Liliana and may have remembered to record some milestones.  I get at least partial credit for this one!

Additional Bonus Resolution:  Don’t get pregnant. CHECK.

The undone:

2.  Roast my own coffee beans.  Never happened.  Though I have drunk more coffee this year than possibly… ever.

The ambivalent:

6.  Go back to buying, cooking, and eating more naturally and healthily while on a limited budget.  I am going on three years of making my own bread and do most of my cooking from scratch.  I did find, however, that with the move we have a noticeable lack of good fresh produce and groceries are super expensive.  So I do what I can but would love for our pantry to look a little cleaner.

8.  Find ways to be happier.  I will not claim to have done this AT ALL, but it definitely occupied a great deal of thought during the year.  I think this is a good thing for future growth and happiness.

10.  Date my husband at least twice a month.  Yeah, this wasn’t going so well before we moved.  Then, after moving, the availability of babysitters (almost zero) and the cost and the lack of places to go mostly sidelined this one.  I cannot say how much I miss our surrogate Grandmas and babysitters in Michigan.  Six months and I don’t have a single sitter I can call during the day if I didn’t make it out to run in the freezing early mornings.

13.  Body image and baby weight: Lost the baby weight (Finally!  It has never taken this long before!) though stopped a few pounds short of my 120 goal.  Am I happy with that weight?  No.  But neither am I dissatisfied.  I am less likely to eat everything in sight when confronted with a crying baby, so that’s good.  Finding clothes that look stylish and put together?  Well, that hasn’t really happened but I’ve pinned plenty of things on Pinterest and they all tend to look like this.  Waiting, I suppose, for the day when I look at $100 and think: This could buy a pair of running shoes but maybe I’ll just buy boots.


I did get some fun jewelry though, and am trying to remember to put on a little makeup most days and pretend like I am a grown up.

14.  Finding sanity as a mother of three.  Yeah, let me know if you figure this out.  I feel like I have better perspective and know what to let slide after a year.  I have figured out what works best (ie. only do big grocery trips kid-free) and we work around those things.  A few weeks ago I even managed to call at 4:05 pm to schedule a 5:00 pm same day doctor’s appointment when we were all running fevers and still in pjs.  I got us dressed, defrosted the car, and drove across town over icy roads and made it on time proving that I have at least found a measure of efficiency as a mother of three.  Am I sane?  Well, I have survived my first year of mothering these crazies.  And I hear sanity is overrated anyway.


Biggest Lesson Learned in 2014: Sleep is one of the most important things in the world.



  1. I have noticed the lack of healthy produce in Holyoke, but the strange thing is that in some sort of longevity study I read, people in eastern Colorado did fairly well in terms of life expectancy–especially when you consider that the top ten counties with the best life expectancy are all very wealthy, and eastern Colorado is not known for being affluent. I wonder if healthy food isn’t everything. I work so hard to eat healthy food, and sometimes I wonder if it’s truly worth it. It’s hard work, and it is expensive, and in some places, it’s really expensive to eat healthily. That is sad.

  2. I too, noticed that food was more costly when we moved 2 hours from the nearest city. I don’t know if it’s the competition or lower transport costs. Do you have an Aldi? We only have an Aldi and a super Walmart. BUT, my husband wants (mostly organic, can’t eat gluten and refuses to eat Walmart/Aldi meat) so you know if I didn’t have that. lol.

    Have you looked into Azure Standard? They are an organic food distributor that delivers once a month. There prices are better than what I can get here (they don’t deliver here. Wa.) for the few things I have looked at. But all their prices are online to compare. Maybe bulk flours and things would be easier? I want to quit going to the store so I just started buying 25lbs of rice (6 months of it for us), dried beans and things that were cheaper and we will eat within a year so that I don’t have to store it in a special way. If you ask deli’s or bakeries, they might give you 5 gallon buckets for free.

    On the other hand, cost of living, property taxes, car insurance, tax and title renewals, county income taxes… etc. are all cheaper here so maybe it’s a wash.

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