Posted by: Ingrid | January 19, 2015

On the brink of insanity

Despite moving and the long bout with the flu and all of the drama that comes with owning a new home, it has been a lovely month-long break.  Jonathan has enjoyed (ever since Christmas) walking around with his new monster slippers, shark backpack, with his plastic sword  (sometimes an entire arsenal) sheathed down his shirt or pjs, giving a whole new meaning to the term “own worst enemy”.


Isaac has become delightful at five, as if he is finally figuring out the rules and how things work.


And Lily, cuddly, babbling, and delightful is still more baby than toddler.  She teethed all four molars within a week and a half in December while chewing on her toes.


I made the rooky mistake of deciding that it would be fairly easy to paint the walls (and most ceilings) during the last ten days of break in four bedrooms, two hallways, and the living room.  As a novice painter.  With three children under foot.  Surprisingly, I finished one bedroom, the living room, one hall, and almost the guest room, the trim in a bedroom, and the ceiling in another.  I learned that painting is all consuming, there is a not-nice word that describes me when I have to paint with children around, and that painting apparently burns a lot of extra calories!  Eventually we got to the point where there were more paint brushes and rollers in the fridge than easily accessible food.  This past weekend, in pursuit of a more grown up living room, I sent husband and boys off to IKEA to buy supplies for an entire bookshelf wall, which is a funny enough picture as is, all the menfolk traipsing around IKEA, but was made funnier when husband purchased a mattress for the guest room and then lost it four miles from home.  Poof!  No mattress in the truck when he arrived at our doorstep after bedtime.  Thanks to a local Facebook group we found it propped up against a stop sign by the cemetery a hour later.  I love furniture with a good story.

Now we are nearing the edge of the Cliffs of Insanity.  Tomorrow:

Is three months exactly from the Boston Marathon.

Husband begins his semester teaching 6 classes, one of them being Theatre Appreciation (Quick refresher: husband teaches philosophy).  He is thrilled by this.  I think he is crazy.

I start Pathophysiology tomorrow and the second course of Anatomy and Physiology next week: 8 units of science which will supposedly make me eligible for the nursing program in the fall.

That really doesn’t look like much until you factor in the one, three, and five year old; feeding them, taking them places, doctor appointments, etc.

Also, our semester will end in mid-May, followed by husband teaching a two-week history course (again, I say he is crazy), a trip with friends to Estes Park, and almost a full month in California followed by a month and a half for home projects and then possibly me starting the nursing program and Isaac beginning kindergarten.

Maybe I should have squirrelled away freezer meals rather than painting ceilings? Is it even possible to make enough freezer meals for six months?




  1. Probably personal (I do not mean any offense by any of this. I am genuinly curious so you don’t have to answer), but what is your long term plan? I haven’t read in a long time so maybe I should go through some archives. But you purchased a house so you must be planning on staying for at least 4-5 years (usually when you break even on renting vs buying). Sounds like your husband is an adjunct professor? Is that why you moved? They really work those guys hard, don’t pay them nearly enough for the hours they work and don’t give them benefits like health insurance… it makes me sad.

    Are you planning on being “the breadwinner” after you finish nursing school? Personally, I would say just keep going and become a nurse anethetist for $120k/year. I wanted to do that for a while but decided I don’t need any more school, my problem is that I have a good degree I just to get to a city where the finance jobs are…

    • Kathleen, we moved here because my husband was an adjunct professor for two years (and that is a story in and of itself – crazy life!) and he got a full time job as a professor here, hence the move, the house, etc. He loves his job here. The nursing is something I would like to finish up to have options and to supplement, but not to be the full time breadwinner. Long term I would love to become and NP and particularly to work with Labor and Deliver/OB so I have not looked into becoming a nurse anesthetist, though I have heard it pays very well! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I didn’t know your husband had a terminal degree in his field. I remember him getting an advanced degree around when you were pregnant with #1 (again, I should go back and read). We can start a “professors wife club” also, why do they put schools in the middle of nowhere?!! We are secretly trying to get to somewhere more “metropolitan” or at least closer, within an hour, of a city. Anyway, the years of trying to obtain tenure are stressful & inter-departmental politics, who knew they rivaled working at a corporation.

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