Posted by: Ingrid | April 10, 2015

Top Songs of 2014: I need new music!

When I ran the half marathon about five weeks ago and put together my playlist, I actually “splurged” and used some iTunes credit that I have probably had since 2004.  Why are songs no longer 99 cents?  So sad!  But that is the rate at which I add running music, generally mixing around songs on playlists for years before getting tired of the songs.  I added three songs, Daughtry’s Waiting for Superman and Superchick’s Stand in the Rain, both of which I really like, and Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off, which I actually find kind of obnoxious. But here’s the thing, while part of me finds her annoying, her song also makes me want to laugh every time I hear it. On top of that, if she came out with a “Shake it off” parenting technique, I might be in (Paint got on the floor? I just want to shake!).

Once I was trying to piece together playlists for the really long runs I realized that I was desperately in need of new song and artist suggestions.  Although it does tell you something about a song when it sees you through an entire year of running.  Oddly enough, Frozen’s Let it Go, lasted only six months (Yes, I downloaded that song along with every ten year old girl in America.  I consider it an anthem for the first born child.) Based on the songs I still run to, here are my top 2014 songs in case anyone needs some new music.

1. Fall Out Boy, The Phoenix.  Because any song that rhymes “remix” and “phoenix” is guaranteed to make me laugh.  Also, Fall Out Boy has fantastic running music in general.

2. Fall Out Boy, Alone Together.  I was charging around the indoor track in Michigan over a year ago while listening to this and it’s still on my playlist!

3. Three Days Grace, Life Starts Now.  I heard this on the radio at the start of the year, what feels like another life time ago. One of those songs that I put in the category of “gritty inspirational”.

4. One Direction, One Thing. So I’d never seen the music video until just now and I am a little embarrassed. But there is something about the “boy band” sound that makes me laugh.  Which relieves tension.  Which is good for running.  Right?!?

5. Panic! At the Disco, Memories.  PATD: Good sound and interesting lyrics.

6. A lot of music by Kesha.  Please let it be noted that I never EVER claimed to have good taste in running music or that I ever allow my children to listen to the music I run with.

Also, if anyone has any running songs they absolutely love, I have this marathon in a week and I really need recommendations for new music!


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