Posted by: Ingrid | August 16, 2015

This is your summer on reality


I don’t even know what happened to Summer 2015.  Truly.  All I know is that I last wrote here in May and I was already looking ahead to the plans I had made.  In my head the summer looked like this: a trip to Estes Park at the end of May and then off to California a week later for a three week trip, July was devoted to house projects and miscellaneous involving organizing our lives for the fall, followed by a friend from Michigan visiting for five days in August, a birthday party for Isaac, and the start of August term for my husband, which would mark the end of summer.  Interspersed in this big picture plan were summery things; swimming lessons, camping, time at the little water park nearby, time outside, and a few 5Ks for me.

I planned this summer.  I planned it so darned well based on how our family responds to the end of a semester, how I deal with projects and people, the weather in California in June.  It looked so good.

But then Jonathan was at someone’s house and jumped into what looked to his three year old eyes like a sand box.  It was really an unfinished fire pit filled with ash that was still hot.  This happened two days before our plane was supposed to leave for California while I was at home packing suitcases.  He ended up taking the ambulance to the ER and then another ambulance ride down to Children’s Hospital in Denver, admitted with second degree burns on legs and hands.  Our trip was postponed until July while we medicated Jonathan for the pain, made weekly trips to Denver, kept him from getting dirty, wet, or sweaty, and rubbed lotion into the burn areas that were unbandaged.  He put a lot of wear and tear on his weekly casts despite the restrictions!


I heard my three-year-old revert to the non-verbal cry of an infant because he was in so much pain.  I could happily go the rest of my life without hearing that sound again.

So there went the time for house projects (minus painting our downstairs bathroom).  Which really wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t had about 80 projects on my list.  I like my new green bathroom, so I am trying to be happy with knocking one thing off the list.


California was postponed until July, which meant we traveled for three weeks with three kids,


came home and unpacked, had a delightful visit with our friend (which was overlapped by my Dad moving his stuff to our house and moving into our spare bedroom) and had a party for Isaac (who is now six years old and down one tooth).  All that in the span of one month.


Speaking of birthdays, I must add that you should never ever think that allowing your five-year-old to look at cakes on Pinterest will make your life easier.


He thought it was pretty special though!


We are now a week into my husband’s first class and there is a part of me that is mourning the house projects that never happened and all the things that were going to be settled and organized.  The original plan looked so different from the end result!  In some ways I feel like so much has happened in the past two months that it wouldn’t be over-dramatic to say that I am squinting a bit as I look back to the end of May and wonder who exactly that person who looks like me was.

And so we leave the pallet furniture that was never created, the PRs that were not run, the trail race never attempted, and the 14ner not climbed to focus on starting kindergarten, preschool, and my last (again) nursing pre-req.  Maybe next summer I will get us completely organized.


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