Posted by: Ingrid | November 4, 2015

First Trimester Bumpdate

Time to kick the first trimester to the curb! I am so done with it, even though, overall, this has probably been a “better” first tri than the other three.  I only throw up occasionally at this point, I go to bed as early as 7:30 when necessary, and have been pretty much letting everything go that I possibly can when I need to just lay on the couch.

I would say that the first trimester was made part mostly because of the presence of my dad.  Although he does not change any variety of diaper, he allowed me to sleep in and run during daylight hours, he grilled, ran errands, cleaned out the garage and the gutters, took out the trash, did dishes, and deposited the recycling since we are probably the only city in Colorado where they don’t pick up recycling with the trash.  Also, I owe my Dad about 10 gallons of expensive grapefruit juice, since I kept drinking his.  We miss him.

The first trimester brought a drop of up to three pounds below pregnancy weight, depending on the week, and then suddenly, at 13 weeks, I am right back to where I started.  I know I am about to hit the part of pregnancy at which I get less nauseous and actually gain weight and circumference.  Time to find cheap maternity shirts since I have never been pregnant during a “real” winter!  Even though I am very aware of the changes, I am guessing that normal clothes and extra long stretchy shirts will see me through Christmas.  My favorite from the progression from 4 weeks to 13 weeks pregnant is the fact that A) I was actually washing my sheets at 4 weeks and doing normal household chores and B) The fact that so much stuff has accumulated everywhere in the house in 9 weeks.

Being the fourth pregnancy it was all I could do to briefly jot down what excited and surprised me during the fourth go-round of the first trimester.

first trimester

Week 4: What I am excited about: There seems to be a unique kind of crazy that comes with joining the 4 kids club.

Knowing that this happened with one month of trying.  It would have been exhausting to have to continue.

Knowing that I want to intentionally enjoy the enjoyable parts of this pregnancy, knowing it is the last.

The unknown of that new little baby we will get to meet in May.

What I didn’t expect: To feel so ridiculously attached to the rapidly multiplying cells in my body.  There is something about planning this that makes me feel protective already.

Being hit by the semi-truck of extreme tiredness this early.

Five Weeks:  What I am excited about: The fact that I can still eat normal food and have no nausea.

The fact that I hiked my first 14ner with this baby tagging along.

What I didn’t expect: That the trick to getting my weight down was to apparently get pregnant.

To already be arguing with husband over whether or not to find out gender (I say yes, he is wrong).

Six Weeks: What I am excited about: Somehow in the last two years of never getting my body where I wanted I have acquired a normal person, very forgiving wardrobe.  I can be bloated and no one knows!

It has been easier to mentally accept the physical yuckiness of pregnancy knowing that it was planned.  I am better able to look at my family and like them than I was with Lily because my head then was such a mess and I was so blindsided with that pregnancy.

Doctor’s visit in three weeks!

What I didn’t expect: To suddenly want to buy ALL THE STUFF.  Suddenly we need swaddling blankets, a bouncer, an exersaucer, a large plastic car for the kids to play in and I need a treadmill.  Must.  Collect.  All.  Things.

To have all of the pregnancy symptoms.  Yuck.

To have my running go south this quickly. Double yuck.

Seven Weeks: What I’m excited about: I think I have felt better more often this pregnancy.  Also, I have not taken any Zofran yet and am hoping to completely avoid it.

What I didn’t expect: To be so accepting about putting sleep before running.  Look at me growing up.

Eight Weeks: What I’m excited about: Every moment when I feel quasi-normal and don’t want to puke.  I cherish these moments.

What I didn’t expect: To be so out of commission when I feel bad.  I just can’t do it all when I’m sick.

Nine Weeks: What I’m excited about: I saw baby on the ultrasound at 8 weeks 5 days and everything looked good.  And baby was wiggling!  So cute!

What I didn’t expect: To be unable to drink water or almost any other fluid.

Ten Weeks: What I’m excited about: 25% done is something.  Also excited that we told the kids and Isaac is SO excited.

What I didn’t expect: To feel so horribly sick and to spend so much time laying on the couch.  I do nothing.  The house is a wreck and there is nothing I can do.

Eleven Weeks: What I’m excited about: The unisom/B6 combo keeps me feeling okay (if I sleep 10 hours) until mid-afternoon.  Yay?

What I didn’t expect: To make it this far without zofran and to be almost at the end of the first trimester without feeling (quite) like I am going to die. Also, to have run a fantastic half marathon!

Twelve Weeks: What I’m excited about: Telling everyone finally!

What I didn’t expect:  To only be drinking grapefruit juice at this point because all other liquids make me sick.

Thirteen Weeks: What I’m excited about: Maybe feeling more normal sometime soon?

What I didn’t expect: To still be drinking grapefruit juice, to crave crab cakes, and to have to throw up in a grocery bag in the van today outside of Walmart and in front of my children. Blah.



  1. It sounds so very exciting! So happy for you! I love that belly shot with your little ones looking on. Adorable!

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