Posted by: Ingrid | November 5, 2015

Saint Poseidon

Back in August we acquired a skinny kitten-ish creature at the end of a barbecue.


It was not the most auspicious time to adopt a cat, as I’d just found out I was pregnant and wasn’t about to go near a litter box.  But this kitten was so sweet and loving, jumping on our laps and nuzzling under our chins and actually letting our boys hold him.  And all they did was hold him.  And carry him.  And hold him some more.  I was a little worried they would scare him away.  But Poseidon stayed, and we found that we had ourselves a cat.  What I didn’t expect was the fact that our newly minted two-year-old was going to prove to be his nemesis.

Have you seen Finding Nemo?  The scary little girl, Darla, who kills fish?  Yeah, that’s my daughter except with cats instead.  She grabs the cat and pulls him, dragging him onto her lap.  And then she squeezes him, proclaiming: “‘Sidon HAPPY.” when that cat is the farthest thing from feline happiness that a cat can get.  I witnessed the following progression while on the bike yesterday.  It is only due to the sainthood of this cat that Lily is not sporting claw marks everywhere.  Are you looking for a family cat?  This is the model you want!









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