Posted by: Ingrid | November 11, 2015

Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

Yes, I am totally going to be self-indulgent and log all these seemingly trivial details.  Last pregnancy and all that.  Thought I did discover, when I recapped the first trimester, that I couldn’t stand my bare stomach showing up on Facebook (I know my little sister is snickering over that).  So we are going with clothed bump pictures right now.

Due Date: May 11, 2016.  I am guessing May 15 if this child follows the trend of the others.

Weight Gain: 0.2 pounds so far.  Fine by me.

Symptoms: The nausea has lifted earlier this time, but I just don’t feel well some days.  Vomiting tends to be random, like throwing up in the walmart parking lot, in a bag, while my children look on.  Headaches, exhaustion, and a complexion that would get me called all sorts of mean names if I were in junior high.  Which, thank God, I am not.

What’s different this time: I am much more appreciative of everything.  I am very aware that getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy is not something to take lightly at this point in my life.  Plus, with the knowledge that it’s my last, I feel like I’m at least able to enjoy the the things that can be enjoyed.

Cravings/Aversions: I love: protein, eggs, lettuce, grapefruit juice, sweet potatoes, chicken salad, crab cakes, gouda cheese, blue cheese, wedge salads with bacon and blue cheese (are you sensing a trend?)  Aversions: candy, chocolate, almost any carbohydrate, pizza, mexican food, spices, the thought of Indian food, crackers, coffee most of the time, water often.

Sleep: Still taking Unisom/B6 for the nausea which means I sleep 10 hours a night.  And I feel like I have no life.

I am loving: The fact that several people have lent me long sleeved maternity clothes (I had almost none) and they are all adorable and they have rusching.  I love rusching!  It looks so cute and none of my maternity clothes ever had it.  Should I ever get past the current stage of pudginess, I am going to have some cute clothes to wear.

I am grateful for: Feeling better so much earlier despite not taking Zofran during this pregnancy.  It is a gift to feel like I can do things again during the day, even though I can’t do everything I would like.

I miss:  I miss coffee and alcohol tasting good.  And carbs.  I used to enjoy the taste of carbs.  I miss being able to get up early as well.

Milestones: No matter what website or book you consult I am fully and officially done with the first trimester.  No regrets there!

Best moment this week: Last Friday when I got up and ran a delightful 10 miles and then proceeded to make a wedge salad AND homemade crab cakes for lunch.

I am stressing over:  Finishing my online class from hell which is eating all my free time and making me hate Anatomy and Physiology.

Movement: Sometimes I think yes?  But I am not for sure.

It’s a: Peach sized baby.  No gender guesses, I am always wrong.

Exercise: I am limping towards 30 miles this week.  With sleeping and no one to watch the kids it has been hard to run, which is frustrating.  But Husband is gone all Friday from 6:30 am on, and today the winds are gusting at 30-55 mph and the kids have no school, so maybe I won’t make it to 30 after all.  I am lifting and doing abs at home, and biking when I can’t run.  I know that I have nothing to prove running lots of miles a week while pregnant, particularly in the winter, so I can probably deal.  I just wish I could run as much and whenever I want to.

Diet: I am better at gauging what to eat and not eat.  Very seldom, this time around, have I eaten things I know won’t sit well just because I feel nauseous.  I eat what I feel like and what tastes good and I think I am getting a decent balance.  And if not, I really don’t care! It will all pan out eventually.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Get past 30 miles for the week.

Belly Shot: 




  1. You seem so happy! It’s much easier to appreciate and weather the pregnancy when it’s planned likely the last one, no? That was the big difference between my third and fourth pregnancies. 🙂

    I’m just thrilled for you, Ingrid!

    I hope that things are going well for Isaac, too….I think of you both often.

  2. I am blown away by how much different this pregnancy has been from the last. There really is something about knowing it’s the last and knowing that I’ve been on this ride before. There is probably nothing that normal pregnancy can throw at me that I haven’t dealt with yet. 🙂 I will survive!

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