Posted by: Ingrid | December 21, 2015

Uneven Numbers

We made a family trip to the ultrasound room today, and yes, that is as chaotic as it sounds.  Jonathan was disappointed that the only thing playing on the big screen was baby and not Mickey Mouse.  Baby was pretty willing to display all, presumably prepping for when he is in college.  I am going to assume that anyone with a sense of pronouns and stereotypical colors will be able to figure out what our fourth child is.


The tech was able to go from ultrasound to 3-D ultrasound which was fun.  He looks healthy, measures on track, and is roughly 11 ounces.


Isaac is already informing me that I can have a 5th baby so he can have another sister.  He is also asked for the first time how the baby was going to come out.  He suggested via my mouth.  I don’t think he is going to let this one go…



  1. Congratulations! I recently told Luke how the baby comes out. His reaction was awesome.

    • Yes, I heard Isaac asking his dad the same question at bedtime with and answer that involved correct anatomical vocabulary. Now I am really afraid he is going to try to “educate” his friends when he goes back to school. Yikes!

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