Posted by: Ingrid | December 31, 2015

Resolution Reflection 2015

I don’t think I actually put anything on the blog last year about resolutions.  They were late in coming and also, 35 resolutions ended up sounding like a good number, but who wants to be made fun of right after they resolve to do 35 things? I love resolutions. I can’t help it.  I love lists and I love setting them out at the beginning of the year.  It’s just who I am and I am okay with that.  But this year, I am pulling back.  I don’t need 36 resolutions in 2016!  I lost my list right about when I got pregnant, but conveniently found it again now that the new year is coming to a close.

The Bad – AKA the resolutions never even attempted, included:

-Going camping as a family. We almost did one weekend and then we thought better of it.

-Eating clean for 10 straight days. Ha!

-Catching up on baby books. Worth carrying over to 2016.

-Finding 2 cute outfits. After gaining weight in March, not losing it, then deciding to get pregnant, I have not wanted to spend money on clothes.

-Dating husband once a month. It’s such a nice idea, isn’t it?

The Good:

-Try three new authors. This was fun!

-Have people over once a month. I think we averaged this, and then some.  Really good since hospitality is not my forte.

-Make 12 new recipes off of Pinterest. I am very proud of this one.  I started marking the recipes I tried on the description and am up to 158 new recipes off of Pinterest and I have no idea how many out of cook books.  I LOVED this one!


-Learn to make 4 new drinks.  I am fairy certain I knocked this one out by the end of February.

-Run Boston. Done!

Boston proof

-PR in one event. Done, thanks to Boston.  Got two for my money on that one!

-Plant a garden. It was fun to create a garden space in our new home.


-Make 2 extra mortgage payments. Yes.  Now if someone could tell me how to stop paying so much in interest…

-Attend 1 play or concert. Made it to two plays and two concerts!

-Hike a fourteener. Done, though I am sad to have not been able to hike two peaks on the same day.


-Finish nursing prereqs. Finished (again).


The Incomplete:

-Read 6 non-fiction books.  I read three that I counted. 50% credit

-Read 2 parenting and one marriage book. I read one of those. 33% credit

-Compost.  Did this more or less until September, when compost (and everything else) grossed me out. 75% credit.

Final Score: 21 full resolutions and 1.58 partial resolutions. Not too bad for resolution overkill!


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