Posted by: Ingrid | January 13, 2016

Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016.  A million years from now.

Weight Gain: Somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds.  Fine by me provided I gain nothing else for the next 2-4 weeks but not the “at least 15 pounds” that Fit Pregnancy maintains I must have gained by now.  I want a uterine replicator, my body is tired of this.

Symptoms: Annoyance with being pregnant.  Feeling like a hippo when I run.  Lower back pain.

What’s different this time: This is my first pregnancy in the winter (I was technically pregnant with Isaac during the winter but I was in So Cal so “winter” doesn’t really apply.)and I have mixed feelings.  On one hand, it’s easier to lose the time running productively knowing that running right now is terrible anyway because of the conditions.  On the other hand, it is cold and exhausting and I kind of hate it.  I am also afraid that I will get too big to squeeze into my running gear before it starts warming up.

Cravings/Aversions: Not really either one.  Still really loving the salt though.

Sleep: I am continuing with unisom or melatonin simply because if I don’t I wake up and can’t go back to sleep.  Liliana has ruined normal sleep for me, with her horrible patterns as a baby and topping that off with pregnancy insomnia does no one any good.

I am loving: That the boys are excited about the new baby.

I am grateful for: Health and the fact that my husband has had a longer Christmas break than many people.  But now he has to go back.  Wah, wah, wah.

I miss: Being able to cough and sneeze without peeing my pants.

Milestones: First week in the sixth month of pregnancy done.

Best moment this week: I found out two days ago that I have the day care spot I wanted for our unborn child if I manage to start the Nursing program in the fall.  Finding a slot for a child under 2 is difficult where we live.  The fact that I wanted a provider who lives next door and will be a 4 minute walk from my classes upped it to almost impossible.  But now I have it and it’s a little scary.

I am stressing over: The fact that I really want to enjoy my last pregnancy but hate this stage so so so much.

Movement: This kid loves to move!

It’s a: Boy.  And no, we do not have any names picked out.

Exercise: I ran 30 miles last week over 4 days, with an 11 mile long run that felt fantastic.  Also did abs and 2 days of lifting, which felt good.  Hopefully two rounds of New Rules will see me almost to my due date. Sigh.

Diet: I feel blah and my diet reflects that.  Need to clean it up and eat good things and stop eating crappy stuff because I feel big and pregnant.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Run 25 miles and lift and cross train.  Abs twice.

Belly Shot: 



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