Posted by: Ingrid | January 31, 2016

January Resolution Recap

If there’s anything more fun that making New Year’s resolutions it is tracking progress throughout the year.  Again, since I love lists, it is particularly satisfying to see progress and to get closer to crossing some things off.  This month I learned that while I resolved to cook 36 new recipes and read 50 new books we eat much more than I get time to read.  Perhaps I should have reversed the numbers.  Some things, such as losing the baby weight or getting back into non-pregnant running or road-tripping to South Dakota can’t be tackled yet, but I am happy with this month’s progress.

-Read 50 books. 

I got through 10 books this month (1 re-read and 9 new books).  Because my library time is truncated I often grab books that look or sound interesting at first glance and I usually end up pleasantly surprised.  My colossal failure this month, was picking up Girl in Glass at 24 weeks pregnant and later discovering that it was the true story of a woman whose baby was delivered by C-section at 25.5 weeks after a healthy and routine pregnancy.  Good book but not good mid-pregnancy reading.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a fantastic author and haven’t read the first two books of Patrick Rothfuss’ King Killer Chronicle trilogy, I highly recommend them.  Unfortunately the third book isn’t out yet.  Be warned, because I didn’t know this until after I was hooked.

-Enjoy the rest of pregnancy #4 and have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

I seem to be having a continued healthy pregnancy and am trying to enjoy what I can.

-Find 6 sustainable homesteading type activities to implement.

I made a list of things I want to try!  That counts as a start.

-Tighten up the budget since we are going to be making 9% less this year.

I didn’t actually know what our budget this year would look like until last Friday, but I cut down enough this month and modified enough columns that the numbers weren’t shocking.

-Try 36 new recipes.

I like to think of Pinterest as a holding pen for recipes.  I love pinning interesting things and then trying new recipes often.  I tried 24 new recipes this month, with a few winners.

This particular beef curry was fantastic!  I will make it again and not share (I did modify the spiciness for the family).

This was a fun and easy blondie dessert recipe that Jonathan enjoyed helping with.  Lily just wanted to eat the chocolate.

-Write at least one letter or birthday card a month.

Did this a few times.

-Enter the Nursing program.

This is multi-faceted resolution but so far I’ve found childcare/preschool openings at the places I was hoping for and it looks like all four children will have a place to go.  I also got the study guide I need to take the nursing entrance exam and am trying to be motivated to study.

-Find an effective sustainable weight routine that gets results.  

Frankly, I cannot get results while pregnant.  I don’t know if it’s the extra fluid during pregnancy or what, but doing weights seems almost pointless.  But weights are good for you and all that, so I picked my copy of New Rules of Lifting for Women back up and have been working through section 1 twice a week.  At least it’s a place to start.

-Superfluous and frivolous resolution: Finish all the seasons of The Office and Gilmore Girls and watch Downton Abbey as the episodes air online. 

I am doing so well on this!  I’ve made it to the last season of both The Office and Gilmore Girls and we have managed to mostly stay current with Downton Abbey.  Good thing I am knocking out the important resolutions. 🙂

Onward to February!


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