Posted by: Ingrid | February 10, 2016

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

Due Date: 91 days away on May 11, 2016.

Weight Gain: We just aren’t going to go there this week.

Symptoms: A few episodes of random vomiting, headaches, swollen legs (do NOT remember this one from past pregnancies), excessive crankiness and exhaustion, clothes not fitting correctly.

What’s different this time: I tried to convince the doctor that I could eat two servings of candy corn for the gestational diabetes test rather than drink 300 calories of disgusting orange beverage.  They couldn’t make that work but they did a different test that saved me 300 calories and and an hour of my time.

Cravings/Aversions: Not in particular.  Though green olives… yum.

Sleep: I am getting plenty of sleep and yet still feel exhausted.  If I get up at 6 am I peak at 8:30 am and am ready for a nap by 10 am.

I am loving: The temperatures are almost to 60 degrees today and most of the ice and snow from last week’s blizzard has melted.  The squirrels are jumping from tree to tree and there are birds everywhere.  It makes me think that spring may actually show up this year.

I am grateful for: The fact that February is going faster than I anticipated.

I miss: There is so much I miss.  I know this is the last pregnancy, I know that I never have to be pregnant again and that in 13-14 “short” weeks this will be a closed chapter in my life, but I miss so many things.

Milestones: This is the first week in the third trimester and the first week in the seventh month of pregnancy.  Yay for progress.

Best moment this week: Getting the chance to watch the Broncos win the Super Bowl with friends.

I am stressing over: The extent of tiredness that I am feeling already and my discomfort in my own skin.

Movement: He has started moving when I’m moving and not always in the same direction.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: Last week was terrible.  There was a blizzard, new snow, ice all over the roads… I ran a total of 13 miles and did lots of biking and some elliptical.  Did weights once and abs a couple of times.

Diet: It’s really hard to care when nothing I do really matters.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: 25-30 miles for the week, cross train on the off days.  I think, since after 5 weeks of weights my arms have never looked bigger, I may just quit until post-baby.  And ab work?  Who needs it?

Belly Shot: 



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