Posted by: Ingrid | March 23, 2016

Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016 (Still guessing May 15 for actual delivery).

Weight Gain:  Yes, thanks for asking.

Symptoms: Acid reflux and the desire to be alone in a place that is no hotter than 60 degrees wearing only sweat pants for the duration of this pregnancy. Also having more contractions than I remember with previous pregnancies.

What’s different this time: I get a second late pregnancy ultrasound (which is a first), this time at 36 weeks.  Part of the problem was that I switched practices, and I think they want their own ultrasound done.  Partly it was the fact that between 29 weeks and 32.5 weeks I went from 26 to 26.5 cm (measurement is roughly supposed to match your weeks).  That makes this the pregnancy I have gained the most weight while simultaneously measuring the furthest behind.  Hypothesis: Baby has smooshed all internal organs into my hips and thighs and excess centimeters can be found there.

Cravings/Aversions: Carbs and sweets sound okay and then leave me feeling icky.  Still liking my Trader Joe’s gouda and was so disappointed that Costco didn’t have their two pound tub of blue cheese when I was there on Friday.

Sleep: So much sleep.  But this time change has been difficult to adjust to!

I am loving: That everything was cancelled today due to hazardous weather conditions.  This means I could make bread on my time, don’t have to take or pick up kids from school, and can wear baggy sweats all day long.

I am grateful for: The fact that we still have power.  Winds are gusting to almost 50 mph out there!

I miss: Not having something the size of a prize-winning watermelon attached to my front.

Milestones: Oh boy, 33 weeks is tough.  Half way through month 8, if you consult What to Expect when You’re Expecting. Baby is the size of a pineapple and is entering the “finishing period”.  And I feel done.

Best moment this week: I really liked being at University Hospital, despite the fact that it snowed that morning and the 2 hour drive took me 3 hours and I was 30 minutes late.  I think the midwife I saw talked to me longer in one appointment than my doctor in town talked to me in five!

I am stressing over:  The fact that I have 7 appointments and 1 ultrasound in the next 7 weeks, all are a long drive away, and several I will have to attend with children.  It will be worth it to get what I want (provided I make it to the hospital in time to deliver!), but ugh.

Movement: We have crossed over into the “painful movement phase“. Too much baby, not enough space.

It’s a: Boy.

Exercise: Last week I managed to get in 25 miles and lots of cross training.

Diet: Still good and fairly balanced.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: After some concern after a run on Sunday I took Monday off and am now way behind on miles.  Oh, and we’re getting snow and horrible winds right now (schools were closed, etc.) which means that if I get to 20 miles this week I will be thankful. I would like to do weights twice, just to make things more interesting.  I am so bored and frustrated with my workouts right now and I’m out of novels to read in the house which makes the bike that much more tedious.

Belly Shot: 



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