Posted by: Ingrid | April 2, 2016

Resolutions, three months later

We are now a quarter of the way through the year and I thought that maybe I should check in on how my resolutions are faring.  Aside from some (lose the baby weight, take a summer trip, get back to real running) that can’t even be tackled yet, it’s nice to know that things are getting done around here, even if it mostly appears to be of the cooking and reading variety.

-Read 50 books. 

So far I have read 30 books this year.  I am in desperate need of a trip to the library (sans children) because I have no novels to read currently. Plenty of non-fiction hanging around on our bookshelves, of course, but in the 8th month of pregnancy (and beyond) I need distraction and escape.

-Enjoy the rest of pregnancy #4 and have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby.

Five weeks, five days and the then however many days late this kid plans on going.  I can’t really say I am enjoying it… I had much higher expectations of enjoyment at the beginning knowing that this was planned and our last and I knew what to expect from pregnancy and would enjoy what I could.  280+ days is just a long time to hold onto that though, and I am tired.  Grateful for a healthy and uneventful pregnancy, but pretty done.

-Find 6 sustainable homesteading type activities to implement.

I made homemade dryer sheets and (not sure that this counts) started growing herbs in mason jars in my kitchen.  The bonus with this project is that my four year old wanted to help plant and was beyond thrilled when the tiny shoots came up.  So it was at least fun and educational.  I also found a source of budget friendly farm-fresh eggs, which is good since we can’t have chickens anyway.  There has been talk of rabbits.  I am not sure that I could raise, kill, skin, freeze, and cook Thumper, but it might be… interesting?  Tasty?  I don’t know, I have never cooked rabbit before.

-Take a parenting class.

We started taking a parenting class about a month ago.  The teacher is phenomenal, the information good, and while the class demographics took me by surprise, both my husband and I feel that classes like this keep us more intentional as parents.  Yes, I know we have almost four children and people look at us weird, like, you don’t know how to parent yet? but learning and growing as parents is not something I am about to apologize for.

-Be intentional about my spiritual life.

Finding a spiritual director has been good for this.  Lent was good for this as well and also gave me a sense of what is realistic, reasonable and sustainable for this current season of life.

-Try 36 new recipes.

I have currently tried 85 new recipes since January 1.  That’s how I roll in my kitchen. 🙂

-Enter the Nursing program.

So far I have childcare lined up for 4 children, have taken the entrance exam, finished all classes, and applied to the program that is a 4 minute walk from our house.  So now I sit back and wait.

-Superfluous and frivolous resolution: Finish all the seasons of The Office and Gilmore Girls and watch Downton Abbey as the episodes air online. 

We have finished this resolution with flying colors.



  1. Ingrid, I think the parenting class idea is right on. No matter your number of kids, there is always more to learn, and new phases of their development to figure out.

    • I agree! It is so easy in the middle of shuttling kids around and feeding them and cleaning up to forget what is going on in the world of a 2, 4, and 6 year old! Thanks for the affirmation.

  2. Good work Legs! You have captured both the spirit of “The Simple Gift” and the format of a free verse poem. I would have liked to see a few “sensual” words in there but you use line breaks well, with each line meaning something and giving the poem a natural rhythm for the reader. Well done! Come on

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