Posted by: Ingrid | April 6, 2016

Bumpdate: 35 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016.  Our first (and last) spring birthday in the family!

Weight Gain:  Astronomical.

Symptoms: Poor sleep, waking up hungry at night, feet swelling, general crankiness, and excessive tiredness.

What’s different this time: This is the first time I have been called for jury duty while pregnant.  I have to show up 9 days before my due date. If I burst into tears, will that get me out of my civic duty?  This is also the first time I am using two providers simultaneously, since I had to cancel my Denver appointment last week.

Cravings/Aversions: We have leftover condensed milk in the fridge from when I made carrot cake fudge.  Suddenly I just want to eat it straight.  Also, I needed a caprese salad yesterday, out of the blue, and it was the best thing ever and I had another before dinner.  And strawberries.  But I threw up pizza again last night.  Pizza and I have not been friends all pregnancy and I should know this by now.

Sleep: Sleep is getting spotty, even with a sleep aid.  The downside is that I end up totally exhausted by dinner time.  On the bright side, it seems to make it easier to wake up early.

I am loving: That I am under 40 days even if this baby goes as late as the others.  If he goes later then heaven help the world around me. Also, I love that sometimes I can see my feet, if I try hard enough.


I am grateful for: Days that have not gotten too hot.  It’s really hard to hide varicose vein stockings under shorts, skirts, or capris, none of which I will be wearing at the end of this pregnancy in order to avoid the “Oh my gosh what is wrong with your leg!?!” comments that make me feel so good.

I miss: Running fast, running well, and enjoying almost all aspects of running.

Milestones: We are in a week divisible by 5 and I have weekly appointments for the duration of the pregnancy. Baby’s lungs are developed and some books consider week 35 the end of the 8th month.  I, however, prefer to spend only 4 weeks in month nine, so I won’t hit that milestone until next week.  Why be nine months pregnant for any longer than necessary?

Best moment this week: Finishing painting the boys’ dressers, which for some reason felt like a super important baby-prep project.

I am stressing over:  The baby can’t come soon enough but I also have SO many projects that need to get done.  So I am feeling like this is too much time and not enough at the same time.  Also stressing me out: Lily has developed a cough and is sleeping badly, I don’t know if the baby is head down yet, and I can’t believe I have 5 more weeks to get bigger. Also, our day care provider for next year won’t use cloth diapers so now I feel like I need to find super cheap diapers and stock pile them.

Movement: When I lay on my back you can see the outline of feet (elbows? knees?).  He bumps around a lot and I am hoping he is head down.  He moves when I run sometimes, which feels weird.

It’s a: Boy. And from the looks of it he will have a small selection of seasonally appropriate clothing thanks to his brothers being born in August and late October.

Exercise: I ran 11 miles last week over three days.  It was beyond sad and discouraging.  I cross trained all the other days and did weights, but I am feeling miserable about missing good running.

Diet: Very good, for the most part.  I am finding myself drawn more towards protein plus squash or sweet potato plus salad for meals, sort of a Whole 30 light since I then add butter and blue cheese dressing.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week: Run 25 miles for the first time in forever, cross train, and do weights twice.

Belly Shot: 




  1. What kind of sleep aid are you using that is healthy for baby? I’m at 33weeks and have been waking up nearly every night for a week now at around 2am and cannot get back to sleep.

  2. I use a 1/4 of a unisom tablet. My doctor had me taking and entire pill plus B6 for nausea for the first 20+ weeks since they don’t prescribe zofran anymore. I still take part of the pill for sleep which they said is fine.

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