Posted by: Ingrid | April 13, 2016

Bumpdate: 36 Weeks

Due Date: May 11, 2016. That would be 28 days from now.  28!!!

Weight Gain: I am still astounded that I have gained this much weight given my diet and exercise this pregnancy. I think I am about as high as I was with Jonathan at 40 weeks 4 days.

Symptoms: Random heart burn, swollen ankles at night, painful varicose veins, exhaustion, whatever it’s called when the ligament (?) at the top of your groin makes you feel like you will collapse whenever you take a step, extremely sore back.

What’s different this time: I’ve gained more weight.  I am way more tired.  I am shuttling kids to and from school every day and I probably have more nesting projects than I have ever had before.

Cravings/Aversions: Craving ham lunch meat and strawberries.

Sleep: For the most part, pretty good.

I am loving: That the end is in sight.  Sort of.  I mean, I can do anything for 30-ish days, right?  Except for go without water, air, food, clothing and shelter in a blizzard… yeah, never mind.

I am grateful for: The chance to make my way to Denver this Friday kid free for my second appointment with the midwives.  I would love some fun shots from the ultrasound, but I am guessing that baby is done with the “cute ultrasound” phase by a long shot.  At 29 weeks all I got was a photo of the spine.  Not that I don’t think that a good spine is important, of course.

I miss: Those early pregnancy days when I was so convinced that knowing that this is the last pregnancy would help me to maintain a glowing positive outlook for almost an entire year of discomfort.

Milestones: Done with month 8, 9/10 of the way to my due date, and under 30 days.

Best moment this week: Hearing at my last appointment that baby appeared to be head down.  That was my guess from my “guess the body part” palpation, but it was nice to have it confirmed.

I am stressing over: There’s not enough time to do everything!  But there’s so much time left it’s going to take forever!  Also, Pinterest reminded me today that I have not been exercising my pregnancy love handles.

Movement: Lots of ripple-y movement now that baby is running out of room.

It’s a: Boy.  It seems like the majority of people I know are having boys right now.

Exercise: I ran 5 times last week, making it to 25 miles.  Cross trained and did weights as well.

Diet: Good.  I did, however, find a whole wheat, sea-salt, chocolate chip cookie recipe that is doing bad things to my afternoon eating.

Exercise goal for the upcoming week:  Whatever it is that makes me (sporadically) feel like I am going to collapse when I step onto my right leg is making running iffy.  Hoping for 20 miles this week since Tuesday I was unable to run because of the pain.  Cross train and do weights as usual.

Belly Shot: 



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