Posted by: Ingrid | April 28, 2016

April projects bring May babies (at least we can hope)


“What is that?” asked my husband the other night.  Oh, just my April pre-baby list of things to do, of course.  And on the following page we have the May list, followed by the summer list followed by the page of things that falls under the simple heading of “deep clean the house”.

Happily, with three days left in April, I have only to get to attend a student debate tonight, get to Denver this weekend (although now that they are expecting somewhere between 1 inch and 3 feet of snow, this may be more difficult than I’d thought) for a prenatal, swing by a thrift store and Costco, and pick up my dad from the airport as he flies in from Thailand, and add some pages to our family binder (Summer fun!  Freezer recipes!  Books to read!).

All in all, April was rather a success when it came to Getting All the Things Done.  Not all, of course, there are plenty to take out in May, including some of the deep cleaning projects, but overall, I am ready to close the books on April and call it good.  Most notable in the hall of fame for the month….



The boys are moving towards a superhero themed room and these delightfully cheap pieces of furniture were driving me crazy.  And so they became…



Which totally make sense if you saw the bed spreads for the bunk beds.  Also, on the list of projects was a changing table.  Not that any of our children have used one, but I realized we had no place to put baby stuff!  So I found a piece of junk (truly) that I shouldn’t have paid money for except for the fact that it came from a non-profit.  It was literally falling apart as they carried it, proclaiming how sturdy it was.  At least it looks better now!  And included with this project came the sub-projects: do baby laundry, be sure I have new born diapers, and make sure that I clean the car seat and buy a baby book.



I also felt like I needed to create a growth chart.  It was easier than I thought, and I will be getting a decal with our last name to put at the top for doing an Amazon review.


I made freezer jam and freezer meals.  I don’t really know that I want freezer meals.  I mean, this is the fourth kid and it will be summer time.  It may just be easier to make a salad, tell my dad to grill something, strap the baby on and make some sort of side dish.  Since we are not good casserole, rice, or noodle eating people in general, this involved a lot of meat that I marinated and froze, with some Whole 30 recipes just in case my body decides to never lose the pregnancy weight and I have to take decisive action.



For some reason it became imperative that I make my own sourdough starter (this part was easy) and then make a single loaf of bread from a recipe in an urban homesteading book.  Between the 18 hour rise time and the fact that having my cast iron pan in the oven at 500 degrees caused the house to get smoky for a single loaf of bread (it was good bread, I might add), means that it is not at all something I plan to do regularly.  Now to find simple sourdough recipes that don’t rise for days on end and pancakes that don’t require 5 eggs and a half pound of butter for one batch.



Our 7 year old stroller had the wheels replaced with non-puncture tires (I never dealt with flats until we moved here and suddenly our tires were flat all the time). I also washed it as best I could and then hid it from the cat, who promptly wanted to sleep in it.


It also felt like an absolute necessity to have a menu plan tacked up on the wall, as if A) my children cared if I posted the menu, B) they cared to eat what I made and C) I cared to follow a menu plan very well in the first place.


Not pictured from the list are all the appointments, the cleaning, claiming property via mail, organizing pictures, getting to Jonathan’s 33rd reading lesson, getting more of our fence put up, checking out some gardening ideas, putting up a costume rack for the boys and painting their mirror red, taking a hospital tour, reading 6 books, trying 19 new recipes, signing the boys up for t-ball and baseball, teaching Isaac to tie his shoes, and shredding two boxes of papers.

No wonder I’m tired.  Now to fill the next seventeen-ish days.


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