Posted by: Ingrid | August 3, 2016

Three Months: Bubbles and Smiles

Dear Wesley,


This month was delightful.  We celebrated the Fourth of July in South Dakota and returned home a few days later, driving a full 10.5 hours (longer with stops) in one day.  Other excursions have involved dressing like a cow for free Chik-fil-a and visiting a battle ground from 1869. The summer seems to have flown by, June and July have ticked down and now it is August and summer is on it’s way out.


You have magnanimously granted me several 8 hour stretches of sleep.  The couple of days when 7.5 to 8 solid hours coincide with a 5 am wake up have been bliss. You nap well too, though I find myself bellowing, “Shhhhhhhh!” more often than I prefer because your siblings are so darned loud.


Speaking of siblings, they still like you and you are still alive, so this is all good. Isaac remains your devoted fan and has to be told not to wake you too early in the morning.  He wakes up early, comes into our room, and just stares at you.  He is the most tenacious at trying to get smiles from you and to get you to “talk”.


He also will hold you. Lily still likes you and pays attention to you and Jonathan enjoys you as well.  Everyone is willing to hang out with you during tummy time.  Speaking of which, you rolled a few times this month, but not consistently.


You drool in great bubbly trails now, and are sometimes called Mr. Bubbles.  Other nicknames include Bubby and Baby Beluga. You actually sound like you speak Whale now.  Sometimes you look like a cross between Buddha and Chris Farley.  All of our kids, including Lily, went through a Chris Farley stage.  I blame your father. You have reached one of the best milestones EVER, the one where you make eye contact and start making sounds like you are trying to carry on a conversation.


I love this.  You do this to almost anyone once you lock in on them.  All of these sounds come out of your mouth and sometimes you are so serious, though mostly you look happy and animated.  A few times, when you have been placed in your swing, I have caught you loudly complaining to the pink birds that circle overhead. Most of the time you see them and smile and coo.


You are now almost 14.5 pounds. I weighed you last night, stepped on the scale and wondered how I was still so close to my peak pregnancy weight and how I’d gained 18 pounds since the morning. I stepped on again and off again twice before I realized that I was holding a baby. When you had your doctor’s visit this month I asked the nurse about your head size since all the other babies in our family are in the 97% percentile at this point.  You were at 50% so I came home and told your dad that you might not be his.  (I kid, of course, just look at the resemblance!)


You are into size 2 diapers and quickly growing out of 3 month clothing.

When you cry, usually when you are hungry or have been left unattended too long, you sound like a little deranged goat.  Often if I come up to you and place my hand against your chest you immediately calm and start flirting with me and conversing.  You also seem to feel wet and dirty diapers more acutely than your siblings did because changing your diaper is almost a personality changer.


You are suddenly all smiles and jokes. You have laughed a few times, some of them in your sleep just as you finished nursing.  You are a great eater and I am enjoying my reading time, though now that I have breezed through the Ender’s Game series I am going through literary withdrawals.  Sometimes I just watch you eat – it always amazes me how fat babies get drinking milk and how proficient they are in just three months.  You still really like to suck and often finish eating and then promptly start sucking your clenched fists as if they are a giant lollipop.


You are a delightful, jovial, and fairly easy baby, Wesley.  Hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself by typing that!  I love the transition from month two, when smiling looks so taxing for babies, to month three when it comes so naturally. Smiley, fat, babbling babies are a delight.  And delicious.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t talk about wanting to eat your cheeks and nibble your fingers.  I remember being horrified when people said that with Isaac and now I am the crazy lady who wants to eat the baby.


We left you for the first time this past week.  For four hours we attended a wedding without children.  I felt just a little lost, but it was fun all the same to not have to spend half the time somewhere feeding you.  This is a natural divide that I have found with all my babies, the three month mark is when leaving them with someone else sounds like a really good idea.  Usually this starts with the church nursery, but not this time.  You still like to eat in the middle of the sermon and last week, you entertained the quadrant of church we were sitting in by giving a long satisfied belch as soon as I quietly brought you back into church.  It was awesome.


You are enjoying the mirror more these days, particularly when we gaze into it together and you smile brilliantly at the mommy-in-the-mirror and gaze quizzically at the other baby.  I am trying to soak in all of these moments, knowing that the pace of life is going to drastically increase in just a few weeks.  Half of me thinks there’s no way I can leave you for 6-8 hours a day.  Half of me thinks it will be just fine, particularly since I will be in and out to feed you. But it will be different, I know that. So I cherish and savor the moments and your easy smile and jovial ways. A quarter of the year has already passed in the blink of an eye. I don’t know that I can deal with time flying by any faster.


Love, Mom


  1. I can’t believe we are on our last baby. 😦 It’s so amazing how fast they win your heart. 🙂

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