Posted by: Ingrid | October 4, 2016

Five Months: Talk to the hand

Dear Wesley,


I blinked and another month slipped by. I really don’t know where September went. Somewhere in the midst of my school and every one else’s school, and activities starting a month has flown past. And this is with me being more attuned to the moment now that time is so precious.


You have not been idle this past 30 days, oh no. You are now 17.5 pounds (yes, you, who started out at 6 pounds 12 ounces only 5 months ago). You are huge. You have rolls everywhere, you nurse well, and you can suck down a bottle at day care like no one’s business.


These are all good traits in a baby. On my end of things, I finally, finally saw 0.1 pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight and rejoiced. Because people will tell you to be happy with your body because it had a baby and that’s all well and good. But I know that as moms we secretly like our babies just a little more when we no long feel “just a little bit pregnant”. It’s true.


But I already was so much in love with you that this was just icing on the cake. Or cookies. Or brownies. Or just icing.


You, my child, are in love with your hands. They mesmerize and distract you and often you really will talk to them. They are like built-in dangly toys. I don’t remember watching the other three kids discover this the way I watch you, perhaps because you are the last or perhaps because each minute I get with you feels precious and not to be wasted. So I notice all the little things, even when I’m tired, and often it brings me to tears because you are growing so quickly and there are no more babies unless I start taking other people’s. And that is often frowned upon and comes with a prison sentence.


You sleep well, except when you don’t. This means that if I have a test the next day you are likely going to wake up every 2 hours and then the following night you will wake up once. You tend to sleep well though, overall, and I make sure I go to bed very early in order to get my 7-8 hours. Though 9-10 sounds enticing. I still swaddle you and you take a consistently good morning nap.


After you wake up and stretch, Grandpa takes you to day care, and from the reports I hear, you wake up happy. You are fairly content in the mornings too, when my activities from 6:30-8 am are totally devoted to getting four other people fed, dressed, cleaned, and out of the house with all of their stuff. When you do start getting restless Isaac is often happy to swoop in as your entertainer.


You are now in size three diapers and have already been in 6 month clothing for a month. You have not sprouted much hair and you definitely don’t have teeth yet, though you are gumming everything in sight. You still try to lick and suck on anything that comes near your mouth. You make lots of noises and your baby belly laughs are the best.


You love when we blow raspberries under your chin and are are starting to throw your weight around (literally) by pushing off of everything when you are held. It’s a good thing you haven’t been dropped!


You have also started squirming out of things when not secured, including your car seat. Soon I will lug up the bouncing saucer with the lights and music that your siblings will play ad nauseum. You are practically out of your swing, which is good, since your brothers found other things to put in it…


Feet have been another big find this month. You have not starting chewing your toes, but you like to grab them and hold on. I have been religiously placing you on your tummy but you haven’t been doing much rolling. Then I was told by our day care provider two weeks ago that you roll. Repeatedly. And you thought I wouldn’t find out. Here’s a secret, buddy. Mommy always knows. (And if I don’t, one of your siblings will tell me.)


This next month I start clinicals and our schedule changes again with me gone for longer stretches of time. I am enjoying school so much but I hate the way it cuts into my enjoyment of your babyhood. I will keep enjoying the moments I catch, though, because this all just goes way too fast.







  1. Doing a great job as always. You will not regret your decision and neither will your children.

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