Posted by: Ingrid | December 31, 2016

2016 Resolution Recap

Having not looked at my resolutions since having a baby, it was fun to pull them up and see how things went. I completed 8 of the 17 and gave myself and additional .33 points for another 3 resolutions. 2016 was definitely an interesting year and I am thinking I may need fewer resolutions for 2017.

Resolutions 2016

  1. Read 50 books. I read 82.
  2. Enjoy the rest of pregnancy #4 and have a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and baby. Last pregnancy complete, delivery successful, baby delightful. Pregnancy not necessarily enjoyable, but whatever.
  3. Refinish the back porch and make pallet furniture. We got the back and front porches resurfaced and I got pallets but nothing lovely has come of it yet. I will bump this to my to-do this this May.
  4. Find 6 sustainable homesteading type activities to implement. Yeah, this didn’t happen even a little. Too busy with baby, kids, and school.
  5. Travel to South Dakota to see family.  Done! And done successfully too. We rocked the road-trip-with-a-newborn event.
  6. Write some sort of will or living trust or whatever one responsibly puts in place when one has scads of children. Nope. 
  7. Take a parenting class.  We did two and loved them!
  8. Transition to non-pregnant running and PR in something. I didn’t do any real training and my only event for the entire year was a low key 5K.
  9. Catch up on the baby books that I have not touched all year. Nope. Must do this this year.
  10. Lose the baby weight plus 3 pounds. Done! And boy does that feel good.
  11. Be intentional about my spiritual life. This never makes a good resolution, but I add it because I care about this aspect of my life. It’s not measured well and I still feel like I’m floundering. I can’t have what I want or maybe I just don’t know what I want.
  12. Tighten up the budget since we are going to be making 6% less this year. School has been way more expensive than planned, which frustrates me to no end. Life has been more expensive. The budget is not making me happy.
  13. Try 36 new recipes. I tried 168 new recipes!
  14. Write at least one letter or birthday card a month. This fell off the to-do list probably around April. Oh well.
  15. Enter the Nursing program. Program entered and one semester has been completed.
  16. Find an effective sustainable weight routine that gets results.  Bonus resolution: climb a rope and do a pull up. I feel like I have resolved this many times and I still didn’t even make headway on it this year unless pinning workouts on Pinterest counts.

Superfluous and frivolous resolution: Finish all the seasons of The Office and Gilmore Girls and watch Downton Abbey as the episodes air online. Done!


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