Posted by: Ingrid | January 6, 2017

Eight Months: Crawling and baby eviction notices

Dear Wesley,


Only a few days late this month! During month eight we evicted you from our room and did something we have never done before. We put you with another sibling. At the point you were waking me every 1.5 hours and I was feeling a bit frayed around the edges, we ousted Lily from her crib, put you in, and discovered that I really only have to wake up with you once or twice a night. We also discovered that Lily is a solid sleeper because by the time I hear you you are yowling. Why is it that all your siblings can sleep through you screaming but instantly wake up if I get up at 5:30 to read?


This month you discovered all sorts of movement. A month ago you were content to roll across the room. You spent a great deal of time in December being frustrated because you were unable to go from your stomach to sitting and back again. Then all of a sudden you were up on all fours. Then, right before Christmas you started to crawl. Two days later you were proficient in crawling. That night, I walked into the bathroom and discovered that you had pushed up onto your feet using Lily’s pink potty.


I cried. You are so quick with the crawl, your little legs swishing back and forth like pistons. You are so curious and keep getting underfoot and stuck in the chairs. Occasionally you do some baby yoga – your downward dog is coming along nicely -and other times you take a hand off the ground as if to say, Here come the one-handed push ups!


You are sprouting fuzzy hair, still have blue eyes, and are such a chub! You were 18 lbs 11 oz on December 20 and your 6 month clothes are looking decidedly tight. You still have no teeth but your location is made clear by the trail of drool you leave across the floor.


You didn’t pull down the Christmas tree this year, and that feels like a win.


You do actively pull the cat’s tail now, and that feels like a disaster waiting to happen now that you can hunt him down. Also, I am afraid that you think you are a dog. You crawl around with your socks between your gums and the other day you crawled up to me with a rope in your mouth like you wanted to be walked.


You are happy and curious until you get tired and then you hunt me down, crawling toward me as though you were crawling through a desert in search of water. When you are roughly in grabbing distance of my ankles, you sprawl out on the floor as if it has all been just too much for you. Melodrama anyone?


It is incredibly cute to see you crawl towards people when you are called, though. Because Liliana never crawled and didn’t walk until 22 months, I feel like we haven’t seen this stage in years. I love it so much. We have already put a gate at the basement steps because you may have started to tumble down them once.


We finally started you on solids after Christmas. Aside from the fact that you don’t like rice cereal, or apple sauce, or avocado, or spoons, it seems to be going well.


You like bananas, and you will eat if your daddy puts food on his fingers and lets you suck it off. Other than that, you still nurse well and I am enjoying reading something other than text books while on break.


You make great big noises, like you are trying to speak whale, interspersed with normal baby sounds (gagoo and dada) and your own dolphin language that involves clicking your tongue.

Your siblings LOVED you this month.


They fight to sit next to you, Isaac hauls you around despite you being almost half his weight, and they talk to you, provide you with toys, and interact.


You respond by being delighted, squealing, trying to grab them, and thinking they are pretty funny. You actually think a lot of things are funny and getting a response from you is fantastic. All the baby laughter and crows of delight make the tiredness worth it, for sure. Just please, baby boy, SLOW DOWN. This is all going way too fast.







  1. These monthly diaries will be cherished for a long time. Great job, Ingrid. I only wish I had taken the time with my kiddos. Now they are grown and have kids of their own or moved out of state. Soon Nathaniel will graduate and go off to college. I need little ones again. Come home Ingrid. Grandma Jody needs someone to watch.

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