Posted by: Ingrid | March 5, 2017

Ten Months: Mostly bullet points

Dear Wesley,


This post is brought to you, a day late, by bullet points, a high level of procrastination, and a mixed drink made from a blue raspberry Koolaid and rum. Which, incidentally, would taste way better with a beach nearby, a tiny umbrella, and much less stress.

You are almost one!  I can’t believe it!  I apparently don’t want to believe it, as I keep trying to stick you in 6 month clothes, giving you that fashionable 3/4 length look that all the babies are wearing.


At 10 months:

-You crawl like you are on a mission (and you usually are) – to grab cat food, pull cables, and remove socket protectors from the wall.


-You have so far destroyed my Garmin connector cable, dented my lap top, ripped a book,ruined a white noise machine, and pulled the air purifier down on top of you. When you aren’t on a hunt-and-destroy mission you are pulling the broom down on your head and gumming everyone’s socks.

-You have four teeth! Two on top and two on the bottom. Every bad teething night was a night before a clinical shift when I had to be up early. Also, with only 4 teeth you STILL manage to do that horrible grind-the-teeth thing that makes me cringe.


-You still sleep, partially swaddled, in the crib in Lily’s room. Sometimes you sleep through the night.

-You are pushing and pulling up to standing now, looking like it’s the most natural thing in the world.  You love to crawl to me when I kneel on the floor, push to standing, and then head butt my stomach.


-You have started taking a bottle again at day care. Mostly you still just nurse, although you have sampled some baby food and enjoy the occasional Gerber puff. On Valentine’s Day you tried eating stickers, but that didn’t go so well. You are over 19 pounds but have fallen from the 40th percentile to the 25th.


-When you get mad you fling yourself backwards and cry, with complete disregard for where your head lands.

-The other night you had the best time playing with your brothers’ glow in the dark light sabers. It was pretty awesome and completely impossible to capture in pictures.


-You love interacting and playing with your siblings and really would prefer it if one of us carted you around and held you all day long. And you get held way more than any of our other kids did when they were babies.


-You have grown hair, but you still look so much like your daddy and Jonathan.

-You still chase the cat, to the point where he had to lay a warning paw on your forehead last week to encourage you to stop mauling him.


-When I put my nose against your cheek your rooting reflex still kicks in and you try to latch on.


-You are incredibly ticklish and have a delightful chortling sort of laugh.

-You move a lot and it is almost impossible to get good pictures of you now because you are a blur.

I love you to the moon and back





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