Posted by: Ingrid | March 19, 2017

Marathon lite: Quarterly report

Nursing school is famous for “owning” its students. When you add up class time, clinical time, extra-things-added-to-the-schedule-time, and homework time, it demands a big chunk of the best part of your life.

Which is why I signed up for a marathon.

No really. That is exactly why I paid money to register for the REVEL marathon in June. Twelve of the sixteen weeks of training will coincide with my second semester of nursing school, leaving me four weeks after finals to peak, taper, and run the race. Even though things are crazy and it feels like there isn’t enough time to fit everything in (and there’s not – I just just cleaned the bathroom for the first time in three weeks because I am on spring break), I really dislike feeling like I am completely owned by one thing. So call this marathon my attempt to feel a little more sane and a little more myself.

That said, trying to figure out a training plan that is flexible and doesn’t involve too much structure but also makes me feel like I am actually training is challenging. It is mentally difficult as well, knowing how I would like my next marathon attempt to go while knowing that I can’t put in the training that would require. I looked at the plan that was created for me when I ran Boston two years ago and it is a thing of beauty. I can’t believe everything that is listed. Unfortunately, it does not fit at all into my current schedule of crazy. I have pulled together mileage from a Hal Higdon plan, an “easy” plan put out by Runner’s World, and the bare bones of my long runs from my Boston plan and tried to form what so far has been a tenuous alliance of running plans that are then thwarted by sick children, daylight savings, and early clinical mornings.

My goals: To get in my long runs and keep decent mileage( 40+ miles now, 50-ish when I hit my three 20+ mile run weeks). The marathon I chose runs down the Rockies. And by down, I mean they bus you up to 10, 500 feet and let you go. I am pretending that my pace will be 7:35-ish because I am a fan of the “think system” and because it is hard to let goals go. Also, it is hard to believe that running downhill won’t help my pace, though it will simultaneously trash my legs.

My plan: Run consistent mileage and focus on the long run. Run fast miles at race pace during some runs and do fartleks when I need to change things up. I will probably keep the segments of race pace running and hills in my long runs as well, just to make things more interesting.

Weeks 1-4 highlights:

1: Long run of 10 miles with 27 miles for the week.

2: Long run of 11 miles with 31 miles for the week.

3: Long run of 9 miles with 31 miles for the week.

4: Long run of 15 miles with 40 miles for the week.

25% of the way there!



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