Posted by: Ingrid | April 30, 2017

Eleven Months: Only 27 days late

Dear Wesley,


You are 3 days away from turning one, so I really have to get this up now or it will never happen. The good news is that all graded assignments have been turned in on time, so to be this late on something non-academic is simply par for the course this year. I had this written a week late but unfortunately, uploading pictures was just too much to deal with until now.


It seems impossible to me that in a month you will be an entire year old. I was still pregnant last year, still waiting to meet you.


This month you have started cruising the furniture. While you crawl swiftly from one point to another you quickly pull to standing and wreak havoc upon the cat, the couch, or any papers that you find in your reach. You have started letting go while standing, but I really do not think you will be walking by 12 months, and that is okay.


Your growth, at least weight-wise, has halted around 19 pounds 7 ounces. I attribute this to the fact that you are back to hunger strikes at the day care, refusing to eat food or take a bottle, sometimes from 6:30 am until 3:30 on my clinical days. For the most part you haven’t really been getting a ton of calories from real food, although you would think that avocado and meatloaf encrusted Cheerios would pack some sort of caloric punch. It is so easy to nurse you and so hard to remember to feed you real food in the middle of a busy semester.


You are so industrious in your crawling and exploration. Several times I have gotten down on your level and watched you zip from place to place, opening drawers, pulling things down, ripping books. In the bathroom you empty drawers, remove and eat toilet paper, and stick your hands in the toilet when we forget to close the lid.


Some favorites include being tickled, grabbing (but not reading) books, chewing on socks and pencils, and playing peek-a-boo. You have reached that stage where you hate being on your back for diaper and costume changes, although playing with my hot pink ear plugs sometimes buys a little time. Until you try to stick them in your mouth. You are so sensorimotor these days. Everything heads for the mouth.


You make loud sounds, lots of mama and dada, something that may be “hi”, and very stereotypical baby noises like ga-ga goo. You like to hear yourself talk, and I am pretty sure that you understand when I say the words “daddy” and “cat”. Poseidon lives in fear of you and prefers to be somewhere over your head and away from your chubby little fingers.


We all love you, you interact with your siblings and make them laugh, and we all try to get extra time playing and holding you which you sometimes tolerate. Other times you screech and push away to do your own thing, reminding us that you are beginning to enter that slightly scary world of early toddlerhood.


It is amazing to see how much you have grown in just 11 months, Wesley. While I am a little sad that you aren’t the tiny newborn we brought home from the hospital, you are a daily delight as you discover the world.





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