Posted by: Ingrid | May 25, 2017

12 Months: One year old!

Dear Wesley,


As per my new normal, this comes late. And it is the last “month update” I will ever write, which may feel sad at some point but right now, having written 47 of these over the collective baby-hoods of four children… I am ready to be done. Now it’s time for all the months to merge together in the roller coaster that is the toddler years!

The fact that you are one is sad for me though. As exhausting as the first 12 months of life are, I still maintain that they are my favorite. I mean, maybe I will be surprised and love the teen years even more or something, but maybe these fleeting moments are as good as it gets. (And maybe mommy needs to not be quite so pessimistic).


All of the cliches apply here. Where did the year go? Wow, you blink and you miss something! They grow so fast! These babies just get bigger! So trite on the surface and yet so ponderously heavy when you are the mother. Because the squirmy not-so-much-a-baby that I heft around now is not the helpless infant that could do nothing more than burrow into my shoulder a year ago. And it did go too fast and I do miss the impossible softness and wonder of the tiny infant we brought home from the hospital.


Your last month you started cruising, holding onto things with one hand, “dancing” when music played, and generally got into everything you could reach. You empty the toothbrush and makeup drawers, routinely pull out the pots and pans, try to play in the toilet and with the toilet plunger, and especially enjoy emptying the bookshelves onto the floor. The other day you got into a stack of books that had been piled in the corner and I realized it would be quite easy to twist things around and say (truthfully and literally) that you were “into the classics” at a very early age. Another favorite is pulling knives out of the dishwasher and trying to climb on the door. You can scuttle across the floor rapidly when you hear the sounds of the dishwasher door being lowered with a knack that is uncanny.

You learned to wave this month, and that is absolutely adorable. You are such a little flirt when you want to be! You also discovered a love for baths after so many months of crying when I’d try to clean you. Now you don’t want to get out and take great delight in splashing everything.


You say mama, dada, go, hi, and your own version of Isaac. You are responsive to the word no, respond to your name, and most adorably, will gaze upward and point to the ceiling when I say light. You also know the word cat, and Poseidon is very jumpy these days, because you are predicable in how you grab his fur and tail and unpredictable in the ear-piercing shrieks of delight that you let out when you catch him.


You still sleep pretty well, with two naps a day and with usually one wake up per night. You ended your year with 5 teeth, blue-grey eyes, and light brown hair. Despite the fact that you still look chubby to me you are now down to the 12% for weight at 20 pounds 7 ounces are 28.5 inches long, mostly wearing 12 month clothing. You nurse 5-8 times a day, refuse to drink out of a bottle or cup, and like bananas, crackers, yogurt, and goldfish. You also really like wipes from Walmart. I don’t know what they put in them, but you seek them out and eat them unreservedly.


You discovered your body this month. I know that sounds weird but all of a sudden you were grabbing your stomach and legs and touching your skin with this strangely inquisitive look on your face. Watching someone become aware that they exist and have substance is absolutely wild. You also discovered your nostrils and spend plenty of time with a finger up your nose because it’s fun.


Your siblings love you more today than the day we brought you home. You now feature in their games, get in their way, pull their hair, try to chase and tackle them, and try to eat their toys. They compete for your attention, try to soothe you when you are sad, and talk to you when they are pretending. It is the best thing in the world to watch your relationship with them develop.


Other things, at random. You really like playing with the broom. It is seriously one of your favorites.


Although you are less inclined to sit still now (just in time for spring concerts, preschool graduation, etc.) you are still up for snuggling.

You love to pull things. My favorite so far has been the table you pulled out of Lily’s room and down the hall. No one can say you lack persistence!


Your actual birthday was celebrated by the wearing of a shirt that proclaimed you were one and a “party” thrown for you by your siblings at 6:30 am. We had a bunch of balloons left over from something I had done for a clinical day and they brought you in, threw balloons at you, and sang happy birthday. It was seriously adorable. Then we forgot about your birthday as we rushed towards finals week and finally, eleven days later, we celebrated with cake. Boxed cake and frosting for the win. You had so. much. fun. You were an absolute mess and it may have been the most you’ve ever eaten at one sitting.


It is strange to think how far you have come in a year, Wesley. From this:


To the fun loving, tenacious, little rascal who you are at age one.


It is such a delight to watch you grow, even though my vantage point has been so different this time around. Even though in some ways I have felt more removed, I couldn’t love you more.





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